Pete Pilcic on an early sandbag ramp.

Sand bag & natural jumps were common in the sandboarding development years. Time consuming to build but empty sand bags are easy to carry up the dunes and the sand is free, of course. This type of jump ramp is still sometimes used.
This is the plywood and 2x4 ramp used at the World Championships. It is light weight, portable, mobile and sturdy. The size of the jump is essentially unlimited and it can be taken down fairly quickly.
World Sandboard Championship Ramp.
NSL Regulation Ramp.
The National Sandboard League has standards for ramps to be a sanctioned event. Here is the 8 foot regulation jump ramp used at the Sand Master Jam. Official, Ray Latonio, performs a back layout with a full twist to test the positioning and stability of the ramp.
In '99 the National Sandboard League and Dune Riders International introdued the 12 ft. Xwest pro/comp jump ramp. Immediately the height and distance of all jumps increased allowing more time to perform more complicated manuvers and more importantly safer landings. The pro/comp jump ramps have a gradual transition curve and a 3 in. kick at the end giving the pilot a slight boost for performing backward motion maneuvers.
Xwest Pro/Comp Jump Ramp.