Croajingalong - Victoria, Australia

The Croajingalong sand dune consists of one sand hill, however this one sand hill is over 100 meters high and awesomely steep. It is a couple of hundred meters wide and completely devoid of vegetation (nothing to slow you down).  Part of the dune terminates into a deep section of the Thurra river, allowing boarders to finish a run with a dive into the water, an added feature. This place is so far superior to any other Victorian sandboarding location. The sand hills of Phillip Island, Lakes Entrance, Wilsons Prom pale significantly in comparison.
There is however a major drawback, Croajingalong is found in a remote National Park 6 hours drive from Melbourne, (Victoria's capital city). You will also need to camp out in the National Park, which has 60 camp sites usually booked year round by family groups roasting marshmallows all day. There is a walking trail that leads you from the camp sites to the dune over a ridge about 4 km. A shorter route is to walk up the Thurra river itself which is fortunately a very shallow river with many sand bars. The reason for the wide shallow river is obvious when you see that the river is continuously eroding the sand from the sand dune and carrying it downstream. The sand on the dune is replenished by sea breezes that dump sand in the low pressure pocket on the leeward side of the dune.
Another major problem with this dune due to its remote location and National Park status is the only way up the dune is to sling the board on your back and start climbing. The climb is a killer. I was feeling my hamstrings for two weeks after one weekend on the dune. In terms of physical exhaustion, five climbs up this dune is equivalent to a marathon. Yet, taking all this into account, it is still a wicked experience. For any really keen sandboarders this place is certainly worth checking out.

Submitted by: Mark Klettner