Stockton Beach Dunes - Newcastle - New South Wales - Australia
Anthony Spehar drops in at Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach Dunes
Great sandboarding at Stockton Dunes (which runs about 15km along the coast) at newcastle, Australia. The dunes are within walking distance but unfortunatly, there has been major sand mining in some areas. This is a problem because the size and number of dunes is shrinking but on the other hand wherever they take a few tons of sand they make sick drops, jumps and quater pipes. Almost a sandboard park!

This location offers a wide variety of dunes from begginers to the fully fledged serious sandboarder. Dune description: A 27km stretch of dunes ranging from 40-50m height with a shotrt walk to the beach, sand mining on the north end provides wild rides with hideuos drops and large ramps for some serious fun. Most dunes accesible by 4wd but if you really want to find the perfect secluded spot youl'l have to walk. How to get there: Newcastle is located above Sydney and from newcastle yo can find marked routes to NELSON BAY where you will be able to find ANNA BAY where the main entrances are. You wil also find and entrance at LAVIS LANE just south of the RAAF Base. Other information: Around Nelson bay you wil be able to find a wide selection of activities, check out tobbogan hill park
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