Carcross Desert - Yukon

The Yukon's Carcross Desert Dunes in the Yukon Sandboarding in the Yukon too
Josh Tenge sandboards Carcross Rodney Stryker crash landing Carvin Yukon sand dunes

NEAREST CITY = Carcross - fly into White Horse

Welcome the the Yukon's Carcross Desert, home of beautiful sand dunes and beautiful scenery. This unique location features fine dune sand so right for sandboarding. Take a look around you. See the towering snowcapped peaks and cool clean streams that surround this special place.

Offroad is allowed on these dunes you won't have to hike if you don't want to. Affectionately known as the smallest desert in the world. This area was originally covered by a large glacial lake. As the glaciers retreated, causing lower water levels, sandy lake bottom material was left behind. Strong prevailing winds from lake bennett have constantly worked this sand. Thus making it difficult for vegetation to become established. Species of plants that have survived include lodgepole pine and kinnikinnick.

The sand is fine grain, clean and fairly fast. This location is a great place to ride. The dunes aren't real tall so it's an easy hike up. There are mini chutes and natural jumps and you can shoot the trees too. Lots of potential and lots of fun!

The best part of sandboarding at the Carcross dunes is the unbelievable view. Every where you look is a scene worthy of a postcard. Sandboarding in the Yukon is a "Must Do" experience.

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Carcross Desert