Northern Sahara Desert - Egypt

Flysurf Sandboarding at Siwa. A beautiful Sahara Oasis. Egyptian Dunes are great fun!.

NEAREST CITY = Marsa Matrouh

This is a very special place and is best guided by the Sahara Adventure Company, a sub division of the Adham Compound Resort. The dunes are 120 meters and higher for as far as the eye can see.
The cost for a safari is about $240 per person for 4 days that includes camping equipment (but if you have your own tent & sleeping bag you might want to bring them along) the $240 also includes all transportation and meals. All the transport included is from Siwa or base camp to/from.
This is one of the safest areas of Egypt and mass tourists never get a chance to visit here. You can obtain visas upon arriving in the airport in Alexandria, ( your best bet for airfare is probably Olympic Airways ) Fly in to Borg el Arab airport or Cairo airport, however, Cairo is 3 hours from the Adham Hotel so try to get to Borg el Arab. Either way hotel airport shuttle is free to/from both airports.
Exploring dunes transport from Alexandria is $10 for 6 hour bus ride but the bus is comfortable, modern and has air conditioning.
We highly recommend booking your sandboard excursions with the Adham Compound. They are Dune Riders International members and know all the details to make sure your experience is excellent. In fact, the compound location is perfect for experiencing Egypt like you never imagined.

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For all activities in Egypt's Sahara stay at the Adham Compound Resort

submitted by : Teymour Adham