White Rocks Beach - Ireland
Daniel at White Rocks Beach.


Its good hearing from you!sandboarding in Ireland hasn't really taken off yet but its only a matter of time as in the south near a popular surfing beach there is the biggest dunes in europe but which a partly owned by the army!I however live up in the north coast in near portrush. Portrush has one main dune at a place called white rocks where the pics we have taken are from! Portstewart, a place 5 miles around the coast has a dune range which holds some really good slopes! At this time my friends and I are the only people who sandboard. Normal snowboards dont work on these dunes as the dunes are normally wet and salty, which are the worst conditions for snowboards.
When these pictures were taken I was still developing the boards so the boards now look different from then. With a coat of paint and a few designs and then varnished so that it wouldnt wear off the boards now look class. However, as we live near the sea we are not always sandboarding. We have been surfing most of our lives and tend to do it more when the waves are good. But in the summer when the waves arent good generally, and its sunny, we always sandboard. The photos are taken at White Rocks Beach.

submitted by : Daniel Henderson