Dumont Dunes - California - USA

Dumont Dunes
Mojave Desert Dumont Dumont USA


The sand found here at Dumont was deposited by the Amargosa River over millions of years. Wind, water, and extreme temperature changes break large rocks into sand grains which are easily carried to this location by the river and wind.
The Dunes rise 400 feet, with the tallest peak measuring in at 485 feet, above the desert floor or to the height of a 40 - 48 story building. Temperatures can reach well into triple digits in the summer months but winter days are very comfortable.
These dunes remain active today. Without vegetation growing on them to stop the movement they continue in a generally northeasterly direction. As you enjoy this area, watch as the wind moves the sand grains and continues the natural process of change often mimicing the actions of water.
There are vault toilets and trash bins available at Dumont but no water so be sure to come prepared. Off road vehicles are allowed and encouraged. The crowds can get very large during holiday weekends so sandboarders need to pick their dates and ride locations with this in mind.
Take the Death Valley Rd. off interstate 15 at Baker ( home to the world's tallest thermometer ) and follow deep into the desert about 30 miles. You will see smaller dunes and even the tall dunes a ways before you reach the entrance. A maintained dirt road takes you back to the dune area with about 4 miles of dusty ride.

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