Kelso Dunes - Mojave Desert - USA

Kelso Dunes California Lon Beale boarding Kelso 600 ft Dunes at Kelso
Kelso Depot on Mojave Desert Preserve Kelso Desert Dunes at Kelso


Pink feldspar give Kelso Dunes it's healthy coloring especially at sun rise and sun set. These desert dunes are the 3rd tallest in the US with a maximum of 600 feet. The sand is good for sandboarding but no offroad is allowed on the dunes. A maintained dirt road allows easy access to the dunes from the high way. Kelso is located about 20 miles east of Baker off Interstate 15. Summer can be exceptionally hot on the dunes but winter days are usually perfect for a good day of sandboarding.

The Kelso Depot was built in 1924 and was used by the Union Pacific Railroad until 1985. It now serves as a museum and information center for the Mojave Desert National Preserve and was recently restored to it's original look and furnishing. The depot also offers a gift shop, shady areas and restrooms.

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