Point Mugu Dune Bank

Looking south on Pacific Coast Hwy.Looking down at Pacific Coast Hwy.


Point Mugu Sand Dunes are located north of Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway (hwy 1) about 1.5 miles north of Zuma Beach. This is a dune bank that is located so close to the highway that you can sandboard right down to your car.

The dune consists mainly of coarse and fine silica with rock and bolders scattered down one side. Sand was quarried from this location for years but there is still plenty of sand to board on. The slope angle is pretty gentle and tends to start slow. The view however is excellent!

We have been sandboarding here many times since the first summer of '75 and watched as pilot, blue whales and dolphins strolled past us. Sunsets are always worth staying for and probably the best time to sandboard here in the heat of summer. Through the rest of the year just about anytime is good. Avoid this location just after a rain as the sand is already a bit slugish and the moisture will slow it even more.

The park service does not condone building ramps or shoveling the sand. Just ride it the way it is naturally. By all means let's help keep it clean and pick up any trash even if it's not yours. Thank you!

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