Salmon Creek - Sonoma State Beach - USA

Sand bank at Salmon Creek Sand bank at Salmon Creek Bodega Bay
Beautiful coast lines Dramatic coastal rocks Crashing surf


Small coastal dune banks that ride down to the beach or the mouth of the creek, depending on the season. This is located on the Sonoma Coast State Beach on Hwy 1 just a few miles north of Bodega Bay. The parking lot is right next to the dune and there are bathrooms as well as surf beaches.

The area around Salmon Creek is exceptionally beautiful. Dramatic surf crashing on rugged rock formations add to the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Just a few miles to the south of Bodega Bay is Dillon Beach where a taller dune bank is located in a RV park. if you visit Bodega Bay it is easy to ride both spots in an afternoon.

Bob's Surf Shack, in Bodega Bay, rents sandboards for day use and Bob is quite knowledgible on the local surf and kayak scene as well. Terrain boards are best for these locations and there are a number of great sea food restaurants near by and oyster farms with road side stands. Look around, it's worth the effort.