Mt. Baldy - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Mt. Baldy - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore No sandboarding allowed! NIPSCO power plant - Indiana USA

NEAREST CITY = Michigan City

These dunes are located on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan right on the Michigan border. Sandboarding is prohibited at all IDNL. This slope is huge and approx. 1,300 ft long from top to bottom but not really steep enough to sandboard. From the sides there are steep drops that are much better allowing you to get enough speed to glide pretty far down the dune face. The sand isn't very friendly so you tend to run out sooner than you expect.

On the northeast side of Mt. Baldy is the NIPSCO power plant and there is a decent area to run closer to the plant. It has steep but shorter runs. There are also extremely steep chutes on the north edge dropping right down to Lake Michigan.

Parking at the trail head also offers restrooms and water. It's an out of the way park but seems to get a reasonable amount of visitors. The hike back to the dunes is not long but still a bit of a trek. You can see where the dune is advancing toward the parking lot itself from the original trail to Mt. Baldy. The park service has fenced off that area so the trail can no longer be used. The old trail however, is only a short 60 foot hike to the top of the dune.

It does have a spectacular view of Lake Michigan as well as Mt. Baldy so it is well worth seeing. I would recommend a visit with camera in hand. Even the trail out to the dune is a nice walk in green surroundings and fresh lake air. South Bend is the nearest airport and only about and hour from Mt.Baldy. Chicago is not far from these dunes so Chicago International airport is an easy drive over also.

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