Little Sable Light Station - Lake Michigan

Little Sable Light Station - Michigan National Shoreline Little Sable Light Station - Michigan National Shoreline Little Sable Light Station - Michigan National Shoreline


Built in 1874 this conical, brick light tower is 112 feet in height. To get here, take Shelby Road off of US-31 West. Follow this to 16 Ave and turn North. Then once you come to Silver Lake Road turn west again, this will take you to the Little Sable Light Station. You can access the tower and dunes from the parking lot with a very short walk over the sand.

This scenic area of Silver Lake is one of Michigan's most beautiful stretches of water. Often called "Michigan's Golden Coast", there's plenty to do here. Dune touring, shopping, off roading, sand buggying and sandboarding are all on the menu. There is also a full array of water sports, arts and crafts.

The sand all around the light house is excellent. The runs are quite fast but not very long. There are a few good drops on both sides of the tower ( north and south ) that drop down and run out on the beach of Lake Michigan. A number of short trails and chutes run back to the east toward the parking lot.
Although the dunes here are not tall, the sand is so good that you quickly get up to speed much faster than you would expect. All in all it was a lot of fun and sandboarding next to a light station is always cool!

This location has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and the brick tower is right on the beach. You can walk up to it and hug it if you like. A photographers dream. You can also walk the spiral stairs up to the very top of the tower for a view that will stay in your memory long after you leave. A friendly guide at the base of the light station will answer all your questions and maybe even share a story or two. Ask him about the sandboarders that rode there September'07 and tell him we said 'hi'!

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