by Lon Beale 
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Jordan Oakley sandboarding So.Victoria, Australia 
Jordan Oakley  
 Portland - Victoria - Australia  

Quixand Boards  
Dr. Dune's Speed Wax  

The land "down under" is well known for it's excellent surf. Being a continent completely surrounded with ocean, it's little wonder that Ozzy surf is so popular. As you know, oceans also make beaches and beaches in turn build excellent sand dunes. Our sixteen year old featured rider, Jordan Oakley, would be the first one to tell you that SANDBOARDING down under is excellent also. 

Victoria's coast is Jordan's home and play ground. Living only five minutes from the dunes makes it an easy trip to carve some dune when you get an urge to do so. Of course being this close to the sand slopes the urge comes nearly everyday.With plenty of dunes to ride, including "Jaws" a huge dune, the variety keeps a rider always interested and anxious to work the next session. 
Sure, Jordan and his mates love to surf ,"if there is no surf me and my mates just head for the dunes", says Jordan. As you can see by these photos Jordan doesn't look too upset that he's not in the tube instead of on the dune. No Worries! 
Jordan has a secret spot out on the east coast of Portland that he enjoys riding with his mates, Macca, Yuilly and Longy, but isn't ready to share yet. "Sorry man, can't have every man and his dog tearin' it up over there!" Starting out by sliding boogie boards down the dunes with his mates about two years ago it didn't take long before he was on to the real thing. Today Jordan has 3 sandboards, a Quixand "Scope", a slalom board and a little trick board for 360s and other slides. 
 Back side grab with plenty of Air!
Foot straps and bare feet work well don't they?
"Where I go out there is like sand dunes for 40 km up along the ocean to the next state". Notice the photo at right of the house that Jordan's parents built. Hey, you can rent this place to have a surf  and sandboard holiday! Check it out. "There's sand buggies and stuff out there you know tow-ins would go off ", says Jordan. 
"One time we went out when there was like  20-50 knot wind blowing and it was hailing, so we pulled out our wet suits and hit it. Turned out to be a really sik session. After that we hit the Chinese joint for feed"! Jordan relates. We're with ya, Jordan! We don't care what the weather does just what we do. 
What about music Jordan? Who do you listen to? 
"Some bands that really get me keen are: Hoodoo Guroos, Kurb, Fear Factory and Grinspoon". A man's got to have his sounds! And Jordan does, he and some mates have a band called "Overtone" that competes and lays down the sound. As you can tell, Jordan is a busy man. 
Well Friends, that's the basics on Jordan Oakley. 
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Front side carve Ozzy style!